1.) Cherokee
Jimmy Bruno with Joe Beck playing his custom McCurdy "Alto" guitar with 2 bass strings and 4 guitar strings. On the Concord CD "Polarity".
  2.) Timeless
John Abercrombie on Marc Coplands "Second Look" CD.
  3.) Just Friends
John Zweig. solo guitar.
  4.) Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Matt Munisteri on the "I'd Rather Be in New Orleans" CD.
  5.) Duo Part I
Sheryl Bailey and Jack Wilkins guitar duo. Part I.
  6.) Duo Part II
Sheryl Bailey and Jack Wilkins guitar duo. Part II.

The tracks above correspond to those playing on the music player to the left.



  1.) John Abercrombie Quartet
  2.) Sheryl Bailey
  3.) Elvin People
Sheryl Bailey playing her McCurdy Mercury, live at the Fat Cat Club in Greenwich Village.
  4.) Swamp Thang Solo
Solo on Swamp Thang w/ The Sheryl Bailey 3, live in NYC on Septmeber 7, 2006.
  5.) The Lean Years
Excerpt of Pat Martino's Lean Years w/The Sheryl Bailey 3 at the Jazz Standard, NYC.
  6.) Sheryl Bailey & Jack Wilkins Duo

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